The story of
P2 Perpetual Power


Perpetual Power (P2) is an industry leader in delivering premium class photovoltaic mounting systems. Initially established in 2006 as a solar integrator, P2 understands the subtleties and nuance of commercial and utility scale solar development. We strive to build upon on our roots by delivering high quality mounting solutions that minimize installation times and slash downstream tangential costs. Each iteration and addition to our product suite takes into account feedback from our customers as we continue to make our products the most intuitive mounting solutions on the market.

From the onset, we knew we had to create a mounting product that was both strong and lightweight as well as simple and fast to install. But we wanted to take the notion of what a mounting system could be even farther. We wanted a premium product that not only exceeded the expectations of our customers, but was also in keeping with the fundamental promise of renewable energy. Protecting the environment and infrastructure for future generations. With that in mind our mounting systems have been designed to minimize impact on both buildings and ground cover alike.

All of our products were created by solar engineers and integrators with over 20+ years of solar design experience. Currently, more than 100+ MW of solar power are being generated utilizing products and systems designed by our engineers. The P2 Systems represent the culmination of all this experience.

The P2 Difference

We are a small company, adept at collaboration and driven toward continued improvement. Our focus is on driving down Balance of System "BOS" costs for our partners and we have the experience, creativity and ability to ensure those results.

The entire P2 product suite is manufactured using only the highest quality custom aluminum extrusions.

The P2 mounting systems have been tested extensively to help ensure passage through even the most strenuous engineering scrutiny. Our testing procedures also serve to reduce system costs and ballast requirements.

Our knowledge and experience in the field have enabled us to create systems that realize significant savings for our customers.

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  • 100% Made in the USA